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  • Nadeem Khan,Chandni Shreshtha,Tanuj Pathak,Bhushan Chhabra

Rafat Abbas Ali

  • 10
  • 17 Min
  • Hindi
  • 13+ (Substance Use, Disturbing Visuals)

Avi and Jai are in a bar. Both look at Maria in the bar. Now if Avi takes Mariya to his bed, Jai will give Avi 10 thousand, Such a condition is imposed. Avi tells Maria about the serial killer and decides to go his home.Avi brings Maria home and tells that he is the same serial killer, if Maria does not fulfill his wish then he can also kill Maria. Maria gets scared. Avi rapes Maria and calls Jai to keep 10 thousand ready conditions. Then comes the news on TV that Mariya is a serial killer. Now, what will Avi do… ??

Other Credits:-

Producer: Rafat Abbas Films
Co-producer: Royal Entertainment & Nitin Entertainment
Writer-Director: Rafat Abbas Ali
Dop: Dinesh Singh Bisht
Editor: Rafat Abbas Ali
Line Producer: Tanuj Pathak
Artist: Nadeem Khan, Chandni Shrestha, Tanuj Pathak, Bhushan Chhabra
Post-production: Northern Lights Production