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  • Sai pavan teja,Swetha reddy,Pradeep Kumar,Manohar,kalyan Medari

Pradeep Kumar M

  • 7
  • 43 Min
  • Telugu
  • 18+ (Violence, Substance Use)

Geetha is a student studying MBBS, and single daughter raised by her father after her mother expired who is a normal middle-class person, Geetha unexpectedly meets Kiran while going to college, Kiran is an Auto rickshaw driver Kiran will be punished for 5 years jail for that incident. but he always loved Geetha very much again he comes every day to see Geetha and tries to convince her with Sorry for what he had done, but Geetha won't Talks to him. Kiran meets Geetha‘s father and tries to convince him but he also refuses him throws him out. Finally, Geetha's father arranges one good Marriage proposal to Geetha and convinces her to agree to that proposal. She agrees to marriage…but she loves Kiran .. finally what she had done? Who she Married.