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GAHAN - The Dark And Deep Add to List
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  • Mamta Bhavsar,Ankit Gajera,Ashish Rajput,Dipika Rawal

Jayjit Mahavir

  • 10
  • 1h 20m
  • Gujarati
  • 13+ (Mild Violence)

A couple is in a live-in relationship and living happily in an apartment. The boy's name is Mosam and the girl's name is Akanksha. They are madly in love with each other. Life is going smoothly. One day Mosam is roaming outside and sees Akanksha with another boy. He leaves without getting noticed. When his girlfriend is back at home he asks her where were she! But she lies to him. Mosam goes mad while feeling cheated. One day Mosam goes outstation for some work. When he comes back, he does not find Akanksha at home. Some time passes. After few days Mosam finds a cellphone in the house. He switches on the phone but could not find anything in it. The very next day police come to his house. Police inquire about the phone.

Now, police take him in the custody for investigation. Police smell something fishy in the case and now the investigation starts. Police investigate Mosam about Akanksha. They ask where she is! What has happened to her! How he got her phone! The suspense gets more intense during the drama. The investigation gets deeper and at the end of the film, the suspense reveals.

Other Credits:-

Writer, Director & Editor: Jayjit Mahavir
Star Cast : Mamta Bhavsar, Ankit Gajera, Ashish Rajput, Dipika Rawal
Original Background Score (music): Abhishek Mahavir
Production Designer : Omkar Gadhavi
Makeup: Ashish Dave