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  • Dolce Mocss,Subash Bhaisare,Raam Lagishetty,Sneha Patil,Bijeender Singh,Balaji Yadav,Anurag Singh,English,Harsh Lagishetty,Aryan Lagishetty,Anuja Pathak,Kavya Salekar,Karthik Salekar,Kartik Shetty,Viren Tambe,Aditya Ghadi,Riyansh,Yash Mandavkar,Chandrahans Pandey,Komal

Raam Lagishetty

  • 10
  • Hindi
  • 13+ (Substance Use)

Hamaare daddy is based on kids without their mother and how their father take care of them and he is in depression & alcoholic after his wife's death and he is not able to take care of his kids and his business in this family without their mother how they manage their studies some of their society friends and they support & help them in the end father came to know about his situation he accept his children and he leaves alcohol and take care of his children .

Other Credits:-

Production by Jai ho film
The film has been produced by Subhash Bhaisare and Raam Lagishetty
Director, story writer, actor by Raam Lagishetty