18+ Violence, Strong Language
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  • Aarav,Rakesh Sarkar,Hamir Malik,Tanuj Pathak

Rafat Abbas Ali

  • 9
  • 2 Min
  • Hindi
  • 18+

On her birthday, Shalu goes to the resort for a party with her friend, without telling Sister. On the way, Shalu meets a boy named Dola. Dola gives a shortcut to the resort. Shalu goes with her friend on Dola's path. A boy named Sarkar tries to kill both of them in the forest. Both escape. On the way, both meet Dola. Dola states that Sarkar is his brother. Dola and Sarkar kill the boy and take Shalu to his house. Both Dola and Sarkar torture Shalu and celebrate Shalu's birthday.

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