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Love Siyapaa
  • Disha,Divya Sharma,Musavvit Hussain,Prateek Bansiwar,Reeya Doi,Sagar Meghani,Shyam Gajwani,Simran Gianchandani,Snehal Khandelwal,Sourabh Rajput

Rajit Agarwal

  • 10
  • Hindi
  • All age

The story revolves around 2 couples Radha & Ekash, Raghav & Sabeena who are struggling to make their relationship better but fell for each others ex’s
Story also showcases the struggle of Chuchu who’s stuck between these couples, and there’s a twist when they all get stuck in a Jungle.
This story has love, comedy, drama and Horror scenes in comic way.