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  • Raavi Kishor,Poornima Sankar,Neena K Thampy,Jisa Mary John,Shaijas KM,Kahalid Ekka


  • 10
  • 10 Min
  • Hindi
  • 13+ (Disturbing Visuals)

Raavi is a cheerful, high-spirited girl living in a convent hostel which is infamous for being haunted. One night, she is confronted by the Sister for arriving late. Later, she is thrown into a scary game of hide and seek. But with who?
Our fears range from the common to the bizarre. The fear for the unknown has prevailed since the existence of humanity. This is a visual experience that challenges your deepest fears and leaves you with sleepless nights.

Other Credits:-

Writer, Director & Editor: Shamal Chacko
Produced By : Kahaani Pictures
Director of Photography : Rakesh Dharan
Music : Varkey
Sound Mixing : Vishnu Sujathan
Sound Design : Sankaran AS
Production Design : Dundhu Renjeev
Colorist : Liju Prabhakar
Design : Vishnu Narayanan
OTT Curator : Jayjdan (Silent Panda Pictures)