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  • Suniit Razdan,Reema Debnath,Rohan Tiwari,Rima Das,Deepak Lohar,Rachna Sinha,Sudev Nair,Shiv Shankar,Prakash Jha

Abhijeet Kumar

  • 10
  • 34 Min
  • Hindi
  • 13+ (Violence)

Amidst the turbulent times of His day, Lord Sadashiva exhorts all warring groups of the land to unite under one banner: that of Shivagotra. Shiva is married to Parvatii. Her father Daksha is Shiva's mortal enemy. Parvatii herself is her father's most beloved daughter. She is the only thing that gives meaning to his life. Daksha tries to destroy Shiva's reputation by holding a sacrificial ceremony to which only he among the noted personages of the time is uninvited. Parvatii, distraught by her father's humiliation of her husband, kills herself in the sacrificial fire in protest. Her death, ironically of her father's own making, breaks his spirit once and for all. In trying to destroy Shiva he only destroyed himself. In the process, however, Shiva's mission of unifying the warring people's of his time is finally fulfilled.