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  • Pradhumn Amrutfale,Lakshya Upadhyay,Amay Dakwale,Bhushan Jain,Meena Khatri Jain,Atharva Sharma,Divyansh Malviya,Kajol Sharma

Abhishek Solanki

  • 10
  • 15 Min
  • Hindi
  • 18+ (Strong Language)

The story Act Aagaaz tells us about a journey of 3 friends. They were struggling with different problems like money, depression, relationship etc. One day they decided to start doing their own work through social media. Gradually they have become social media sensation.

Other Credits:-

Special Thanks -
Patidar Studio (Ajay Patidar)
Vanshika Studio (lLokendra Singh Sengar)
Galaxy Tiles (Rohit Sulaniya)
Ashok Sanyogita Panchal
Dilip Jemni Kaithwas
Anupriya Verma
Mann Pictures