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  • Snehal Nandavde,Prashant Keni,Prabhakar Ahire,Hezal Gonsalves,Rajan Shinde,Rohini Shinde,Tushar Shingade,Aniruddha Naik

Sachin Sanjay Kadam

  • 9
  • 1h 22m
  • Marathi
  • 18+ (Strong Language)

Hum do is a Mockumentary film. It's a kind of fictional documentary where I have tried to showcase the situation which can happen in a country due to overpopulation. The stress is underneath we don’t even notice the adverse effect we face due to it but we are really facing it so a different concept with a different ideology is presented by me which will surely make you think about the future.

Other Credits:-

Producer - Nikita Ahire & Sanjay Kadam