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  • Elena Kazan,Ashmit Patel,Khushbu Tawde,Ketan Pendse,Sanskruri Balgude,Niranjan Kulkarni,Anushri Dam

Ketan Pendse

  • 9
  • 1h 35m
  • Marathi
  • 13+ (Mild Violence)

Akash and kavya went to search for Akash's brother Ketan, who went to some haunted jungle for tracking and lost there only. Akash and kavya went to the same jungle, they found 1 old haveli, they went inside and stuck there, they found 1 dairy called Ek thriller night with the help of that are they able to come out? They found Akash's brother Ketan and their friends. watch Gumnam Ek Thriller Night.

Other Credits:-

Produced by: Ketan Pendse
DOP: Sameer Athlye & Pranit
Story, screenplay & Dialogue: Ketan Pendse
Editor: Rohini Lokhande & Shankar kedar
Language: Marathi
Di colorist: Achal Patil
Executive Producer: Glamfame Entertainment