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  • Ashish Kumar,Rohit Kakde

Biswanath Rath

  • 10
  • 8 Min
  • Hindi
  • All age

Social Short Film ‘Ravaiyaa’ is based on a true story and few real incidents which happened across India during the 68 days-long National Lockdown (25th March-31st May 2020).

Other Credits:-

Cast: Ashish Kumar as Ashish & Rohit Kakde as Rohit

Technical Support: Bhabani Jena, Dinesh Biswal, Kunal Bhandekar
Singer & Music Composer: Bankim Patel
Sound Design & Sound Mixing: Vinayak Dasgupta
Associate Producer: IJ Kakehashi Services Pvt Ltd
Executive Producer: Pritish R Das
Co-Producer: Subhasmita Sethy
Producer: Archana Rath & Biswanath Rath
Story, Script, Lyrics & Direction: Biswanath Rath
Presented by: BnR Films