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  • Akhilesh Verma,Bharti Gola,Lokesh Tilakdhari,Nassem Ahmad,Nupoor Saxena,Ravi Kumar,Riyana Sukla,Sahil,Siddhart

Akhilesh Verma

  • 10
  • 22 Min
  • Hindi
  • 18+ (Violence, Strong Language, Bold Acts)

This story about a girl work in the Tourism department of documentaries, somehow she lost her sister in the city. She finding her sister everywhere at the same time she possessed by the ghost, she live her life totally destroyed

Other Credits:-

Producer:- Akhilesh Verma
Writer:- Zahid Ahmed
Editor:- Alok Singh
Action:- Akki
Associate producer:- Jet Films, C.J International
DOP:- Abhay Anand
Banner:- Step By Step Films, Rang Kreations.
Co-Producer:- K.K Sukla, Lokesh Tilakdhari, Sahil Kashyap
Line Production:- Zabir, Mansi Mehata