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  • Varsha Rupnar

Mahesh Bansode

  • 10
  • 4 Min
  • Marathi
  • All age

Ekach Fight' delivers a great story even though it is a small budget film. 'Ekach Fight' will release soon and is set on the backdrop of a small town called Aatpati in Sangli district of Maharashtra. Bhavani (Pradnya Yadav) is a courageous and bold girl who studies in the local college, dares to raise her voice against the injustice on women. Though there is political pressure on her to stop her brigade, she relentlessly continues on her path of opposing those in power. Suryaji Sarkar (Satish Tare) and his son Ajay (Santosh Bhagwat) pitch their power against her. However, Bhavani continues her fight and finally becomes the Chief Minister of the state.

Even though the presentation of the film along with the technical aspects is ordinary, the story packs a punch strongly delivered and which will definitely go down well with the audience. Pradnya Yadav in the main role does justice to the character of Bhavani by displaying the depth and nuances required by the role. The film has showcased many new comers who have done their part very well. Written and directed by Mahesh Bansode, the music of the film is given by Ranjit Mandal, Piyush Arya and Sanjay Patil.

The only jarring factor is that the voice of the actor, Late Satish Tare is dubbed and may sound odd to all of us who have listened to his distinctive voice since so many years. The duration of the film is not very lengthy as is the trend nowadays. 'Ekach Fight' is definitely something which will be appreciated due to its strong story.