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  • Gul Reyaz,Sajid Ashraf,Snober Mudasira,Zamir Ashai,Mir Sarwar

Gul Reyaz

  • 10
  • 30 Min
  • Hindi
  • All age

This story revolves around the emotional bond between two central characters. Boy names ‘GUL’ who is the victim of this senseless violence and women who is a writer by profession. ‘GUL’ visions his mother’s image in her and feels it’s her mother showering him with all the love and affection.

Other Credits:-

Story Noor Shah
Written by : Gul Reyaz
D.O.P: Mukhtar Lone
Sound Shahid Lateef
Music: Raja Bilal
Production House: Mayur Arts AInternational