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  • Ashok Jamuar,Rajeev Singh,Indrani Tallukdar,Sohan Chaudhary,Jhanvi Mhadik,Shailendra Rai,Vimal Kashyap,Manikant Rai,Nand Kishor Mehta,Sudhir Kamal,Shanu Shaini,Deepak Sharma,Rajendra Singh Pappi,Shanti Sharma,Sammer Tiwari,Dheeraj Upadhaya,Anupama Akolla,Pandurang Gulve,Anil,Ajay,Mohamad Shahid,Muneer Khan

Ashok Jamuar

  • 10
  • 1h 42m
  • Hindi
  • 13+ (Violence)

Rural India is lush with natural resources and revitalizing green belts....peace and tranquility prevail in such a village surrounded by ample green cover, and Baleswar Singh is the head of the village.
As it happens a trader of woods eyes the ample trees and decides to cut them and sell them to the big centers, and exploit the resources as much as he can, but Baleswar Singh comes in the way and, and at no cost allows them to cut a single tree with the help of his son Arjun.
The Mukhiya (Baleswar Singh) has a family friend Maheep Singh who looks after the farming of Baleswar Singh and his friend Vikram Singh. Maheep's daughter Rashmi has a soft spot for Arjun, and is in love, Maheep Singh also wishes that his daughter is married to Arjun, but Baleswar informs that he has already given his word to his friend's daughter Nikki a long time ago.
While the scheming Kesav Das is reminded of his promise to deliver the trees, but Baleswar and his Son come in the way and do not allow them to cut the trees...
Maheep Singh having been rejected for his proposal plan to sow the seeds of enmity between Vikram Singh and Baleswar Singh. Vikram Singh's son Raghuveer is framed for having illegal arms and is incarcerated....
It is now to be seen, how Baleswar succeeds in saving the trees, who does Arjun gets married to....all in the action-packed drama film "RETURN OF RANVEER"

Other Credits:-

Rajeev Singh
Indrani Tallukdar
Sohan Chaudhary
Jhanvi Mhadik
Ashok Jamuar
Shailendra Rai
Manikant Rai
Vimal Kashyap
Nand Kishor Mehta
Sudhir Kamal
Shanu Shaini
Deepak Sharma
Rajendra Singh Pappi
Shanti Sharma
Sammer Tiwari
Dheeraj Upadhaya
Anupama Akolla
Pandurang Gulve
Mohamad Shahid
& Muneer Khan

Vani Rao
Sonu Yadav
Aakriti Mehra
Shushant Gupta
V. Om Prakash

Vinay Patel

Sudhir Kamal

Nand Kishore

Camera Man
Abhishek Kashyap
Raajan Chaudhary

Santosh Kumar

VFX & Publicity Designer
Oscar Jamuar


Dev Hazarika

Production Controller
Bhavar Lal

Indra Mohan Pannu

Rajan Patel

Post Production
"San Digital" & "Sound & Vision"

Light Equipment's
Anamika Enterprises

Camera Equipment's
Takeone Comunication Goregaun

Recording Studio
RAJA Music Studio