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Anukriti Rangmandal Kanpur Present's - Purush
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  • Anil Nigam,Dr Omendra Kumar,Geetika Lalwani,Jolly Ghosh,Raghvendra Prajapati,Rajeev Tiwari,Samrat Yadav,Sanjay Sharma,Suresh Srivastava,Trupti Raghav,Vijaybhan Singh,Mahendra Dhuriya

  • 8
  • 1h 12m
  • Hindi
  • 13+

Directed By : Nisha Verma
Associate Director : Dr Omendra Kumar
Written By : Jaiwant Dalvi
Adaptation in Hindi : Sudhkar Karkre

Purush' is a question on Man Dominated Society where a man prefers to defeat a women by committing rape instead of facing her courage. The play is weaved with sacraments given by an ideal teacher to his daughter. Although a house hold wife has different views with his teacher husband but always support unconditionally to him. Although this powerful Marathi play is scripted by famous prominent contemporary writer late Jaiwant Dalvi but it is effectively translated by Sudhakar karkare with same spirit & tempo with highly appreciable efforts. The play also reveals the ugly face of inebriated politician. This Drama gave an emphatic message towards gender sensitisation and empowerment of women, which is a quite contemporary subject. The play concludes with an unique revenge taken by educated, courageous & sanskari daughter of an ideal teacher.